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Ministry of Housing

The Ministry of Housing is a strategic ministry in facilitating development and management of quality and affordable shelter for Kenyans.

The mandate, as spelt out in the Presidential Circular No. 1 of 2008, include:

  • Formulation, implementation and review of housing sector  policies
  • Improving the living environment in slums and informal settlements through slum upgrading
  • Promotion of low cost housing development through housing sector incentives
  • Promotion of research and utilization of appropriate building materials and technologies
  • National secretariat for coordination of stakeholders on housing and human settlements matters
  • Management of housing for Civil Servants and Disciplined Forces
  • Facilitating Civil Servants to own houses through Civil Servants Housing Scheme Fund
  • Leasing of office  space and residential accommodation for constitutional office holders and Disciplined Forces
  • Resolution of disputes between landlords and tenants in controlled residential tenancies
  • Development of housing through National Housing Corporation (NHC)
  • Facilitation of housing finance through Housing Finance

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Ministry of Lands

The Ministry of Lands was formed in 1903. In 1905, survey and lands were separated to form two different departments but both under control of the Commissioner of Lands. Later in 1919 the departments were combined including Registration.

The ministry has grown with over 50 Lands offices countrywide. It has four main departments which include Lands, Physical Planning, Survey and Land Adjudication and Settlement. 

  • Our  mandate is to; formulate and implement land policy, undertake physical planning, register land transactions, undertake land surveys and mapping, land adjudication and settlement, land valuation and administration of state and trust land. 
  • Our vision is Excellence in Land Management for Sustainable Development of Kenya. 
  • Our mission is to facilitate improvement of livelihood of Kenyans through efficient administration, equitable access, secure tenure and sustainable management of the land resource.  

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 Daykio Properties

Daykio is one of the oldest real estate companies in Kenya. It was acquired by T.K Muya in 1986. The main objective of the company is to make it easier for Kenyan's to own land through its flexible payment schemes and a track record of reliability and high level of integrity. Daykio has a competent Board and Management team which runs it's operations.

In response to improved economy, the company ventured into property development in 2005 targeting upper middle income earners at the upmarket of Nairobi, Kilimani area. The first project (Daykio Court) of 20 apartments was developed in April 2005 and completed in June 2006 were all sold out by December 2007. The second project of 45 apartments (Daykio Apartments) located a few minutes behind Yaya centre was started in September 2007 and completed in December 2009.

Daykio is affiliated to Family Bank and Kenya Orient Insurance Limited.

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